Jenna’s Book

Jenna’s Personal Story

Published 1997
by Chimeric
a child’s imagination
Dedicated to Uncle Amos

Jenna’s Story: Some Things Stayed the Same
written and illustrated by Jenna Kamil

My name is Jenna. I am six years old. My birthday is November fifth.
I really like arts and crafts.

This is a book about when I became ill. I was five years old. I felt sad and scared.

Here are some ways my life has changed…I can’t talk right now.
I have machines in my room.This makes me feel a little sad.

I go to the hospital to have radiation treatments. At first I felt scared.
But now it’s OK.

I can’t eat or drink. I miss eating everything. This makes me feel very sad.

Here are some ways my life has stayed the same…
I still do arts and crafts.

I still play with Jesse, my brother, and my friends.

I dance in my ballet class.

I do karate. I am a yellow belt now.

We are still a family!