President’s Message

Rainbow photo taken by Board President Sharon Potolsky

It’s hard to believe that JRF has been in existence for so long. Jenna’s memory has not faded and JRF continues to flourish. Through your generous contributions, Jenna’s wish for “the world to be a rainbow” is a reality. Fundraising efforts have resulted in over one million dollars raised. We are excited by the many different avenues we have found and the programs we’ve helped develop to support our mission.

In this past year, we’ve been called upon by our local community more than ever to provide monetary and informational support to families. We’ve provided many referrals and much-needed information. The programs we fund continue to flourish.

Looking back, it would be hard to imagine what we all achieved. We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to touch so many lives. Through our range of programs, we have provided support for both individual and community levels.

We can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and commitment.

Sharon Potolsky
Board President